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Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy With A Good Bankruptcy Attorney

If you’re struggling with debt and need to file for bankruptcy, it’s important to choose the best Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Phoenix Arizona. This type of case allows you to keep your property while paying off your debts over a period of three to five years. However, it’s important to know that if you fail to make your payments on time, your property may be at risk of being taken by a creditor.

There are many different types of debt that can be reorganized in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This can include student loans, medical bills, credit card balances and more. In addition to reorganizing these debts, you can also take advantage of various other bankruptcy options that can help with your specific financial situation.

A debtor’s income is taken into consideration in order to determine if he or she can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. This includes both the debtor’s income as well as the income of his or her spouse, if married.

This income must be sufficient to support a monthly living expense and repay creditors under the terms of the plan. Depending on the debtor’s circumstances, this means that a budget and a repayment schedule must be submitted to the court for approval.

The court will confirm your Chapter 13 plan if you pass the means test and if no objection is filed by the court or your creditors. This process can be challenging, and it’s important to have a lawyer who knows how to effectively prepare and submit your plan for confirmation.

Your creditors can object to your Chapter 13 plan for many reasons, including that they are not getting a fair or equitable payment from you under the terms of the plan. This is particularly the case with credit cards, medical bills and other unsecured debts.


A cramdown is an important form of relief in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This method of reorganization allows you to pay off your debts over a period of time at a lower rate than the original loan amount. This could be helpful if you have a large mortgage or other secured debt that is unmanageable in your current financial condition.

This type of bankruptcy is especially helpful to those who have fallen behind on their mortgage and need some time to catch up. This can allow them to catch up with the past-due amount of their mortgage while still retaining their home, and in some cases, even save their home.

If you’re considering filing for Chapter 13, contact Stephen Trezza to learn more about his firm and how they can assist you with your bankruptcy. With over 25 years of experience, he and his staff are dedicated to making sure that all clients receive a superior service.

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Hiring a Family Lawyer Can Save the Day

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or you are preparing to file for one, hiring a Santa Ana family lawyer in California can make a huge difference in your case. Having an experienced attorney by your side can help you address the important issues, such as child support and alimony, in a way that’s easy on your wallet and your children.

Divorce is a big deal. It can be a life changing event, opening up new opportunities and allowing both of you to live the life you want. However, it is not an easy process. Oftentimes, a spouse will make sacrifices to ensure their partner’s dreams come true, only to see them come crashing back down when the relationship ends. This is where a top rated Santa Ana family law lawyer can save the day.

A Santa Ana family lawyer can help you resolve issues like child support, alimony and other common divorce related issues. He or she can also help you avoid common mistakes. They will help you understand state and local laws so that you can make informed decisions. Having an experienced attorney by your side will also allow you to get through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

The best Santa Ana family lawyer will also be able to tell you if you qualify for alimony. Alimony is a form of payment paid to one spouse by the other after a divorce, and it can be short or long-term. This is based on a variety of factors, such as the length of the marriage and the income of the paying party. If you qualify, your attorney can negotiate a settlement with your spouse’s attorney.

The best Santa Ana family lawyer will be able to tell you if you need to file for a divorce. The process can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never filed for a divorce before. They can also help you navigate the legal system and avoid making expensive mistakes.

The best Santa Ana family lawyer will know all of the big and little tricks of the trade. This includes understanding the state’s family law statutes, which is crucial if you want to avoid a costly divorce.

A family lawyer will also know all of the small stuff, such as which types of legal documents you need to file. You also may need to attend mediation or alternative dispute resolution, which are two of the most common forms of settling family law disputes. The best Santa Ana family lawyer will also know the best time to file for a divorce, how to avoid unnecessary delays, and what to expect in your divorce proceedings.

A family lawyer can also tell you which type of document to file for, such as a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between two people who are married or in a civil union. Unlike a divorce, a prenuptial agreement cannot be cancelled or amended once filed.